airboat tours everglades florida

Everglades airboat rides have swiftly become the most well-liked method for families and nature lovers to tour the Everglades. Airboats are shallow-water vessels propelled by huge fans instead of engines. When the propeller is turning, air is forced behind the boat, moving it forward across the water. The airboat differs from other boats in that there are no moving parts below the surface of the water. This allows it to glide across the water’s surface fast, which is something that regular boats can’t do. Shallow-water areas and swamps are ideal for Everglades airboats. They are the quickest and most effective means of navigating the 1.5 million acres of swamps, rivers, and bays of the Florida Everglades.

airboat rides - family fun
Everglades airboat tours are fun for the entire family.

While flying over the water’s surface on an Everglades airboat tour, you’ll swiftly see the various habitats that make up the subtropical ecosystem. An hour-long, narrated Everglades airboat ride takes you deep into the Florida Everglades: cruising gently down the Barron river, you’ll move through beautiful mangrove tunnels and narrow creeks, emerging into picturesque shallow-water bays. For people of all ages, especially young children, these experiences are thrilling and fun. Your captain will make stops to show you endangered species and unique wildlife as you pass through the stunning mangrove jungles and animal sanctuaries. Alligators, eagles, ducks, manatees, and large fish are commonly spotted. Book Everglades airboat tours with the experts at Everglades City Airboat Tours to get your adventure started!

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