Airboat Tours

The Mangrove Adventure

At Everglades City Airboat Tours, we offer you THE QUIETEST, nicest, safest, and the most knowledgeable tour of the Florida Everglades Mangrove Jungles. Our airboats are specially designed, built, and set-up for your comfort and safety. You will depart from the famous Barron River and we will carry you into the deepest and thickest parts of the mangrove jungles. The airboat tour will take you through tight tunnels, narrow creeks, and small shallow water bays in the heart of the jungles waterways. While you are on your adventure, keep your eyes wide open to try and see some of the native wild life, including alligators, manatees and native birds. This lifetime adventure will take an hour of time and it is well worth it.

A Personalized Airboat Tour

Everglades City Airboat Tours is the only airboat tour company in south Florida that is truly fully narrated with the use of two-way communication head set. This allows you, your party, and the captain the ability to communicate at all times during your adventure. Our airboats are designed to make access very easy for all ages and mobility, so that everyone can enjoy the tour of their life. The ladies will love the comfort of our thick cushioned seats.


Airboat Tour Times and Prices

The tours depart at 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:30, 1:30, 2:45, 4:00, & 5:00. The 5:00 tour time is subject to change according to seasons.

The one hour tour of the Everglades is $43.92 (plus tax) per adult and children are $25.23 (plus tax) per child (10 and under).

End of Summer Sale

For a limited time, take $5 off each ticket!