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Advance Reservations are the Best

Did y’all know you can book tours up to 90 days in advance? Our tours typically run 55 to 60 minutes. You can even book a private tour if you just want the boat to yourselves. We want you to have an experience you’ll always remember and leave with a smile on your face.

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Onboard with Captain Allen

If you cruise around the mangrove jungle for 22 years, you’re gonna know our corner of the Everglades like the back of your hand. Captain Allen Chamberlain is a seasoned veteran, going back to 2000 with our founder, Captain Doug. He has a lifetime of stories to tell, can answer any question you think of, and navigates the tight passages and wide shallow-water bays like nobody else.

Get to Know Us

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This month, we reveal some fun facts about a widely loved marine mammal. Dolphins! Our captains and guests spot them all the time on the Barron River—so have your camera ready when you take an Everglades airboat tour.

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Dolphins love their mamas! These super-smart, playful creatures stick with their mothers a long time—from three to eight years—before they leave their group or “pod.”
They care for others who need help! Dolphins actually tend to the sick, the old and the injured in their pod.

Dolphins know their names! Scientists tell us dolphins create their own individual whistles and recognize their own names and other dolphins’ names.

airboat tours florida

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