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We make every experience in the mangrove jungle a memorable one. So we invite you to browse the gift shop before and after your tour. You can also buy logo shirts and caps, gator heads and more on our website and have it all shipped directly to you. Follow us on social media to find out when we add more items and styles.

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Onboard with “Captain” Leah

The secret behind our operations running smoothly is having Leah Lenz in charge. The granddaughter of Captain Doug, Leah began selling tours when she was a young girl. Today, she’s called the “captain of captains” and runs a tight ship. She manages the business office and the gift shop, working behind the scenes to keep us on schedule and our guests happy.

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Today, you’ll find airboats around the world, not just the Everglades. So we thought you’d like to know fun facts about these unique vessels.

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The man who invented the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, also invented the airboat! He built the first one and called it “The Ugly Duckling” in 1905.

Airboats were introduced to Florida in the 1920s by Glenn Curtiss, an aviation pioneer and land developer, as a way to explore the swamplands.

Because of their flat-bottom design, airboats can also move easily over ice. Not something we see in our neck of the woods much!

Our family wishes you and your family a happy, blessed Easter holiday. Come see us soon!

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