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We have put extra precautionary measures into place. For more information please contact us. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers again!

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VOTED #1 For the most Professional and Quietest airboat tour operator in Everglades City!

"The Original"

  • The original pioneering family (5 generations) to do airboat tours in Everglades City
  • The original to pioneer and use 2-way communication headsets
  • The first to innovate and design the use easy-load airboats and docks
  • The first and only one in Everglades City to be a State of Florida certifier of Airboat Safety Training Course
  • The first and Only company to be recognized by “The City Of Everglades” for the quietest and most professional airboats in town.
  • The first and only one to keep with small town U.S.A. traditions to Honor God the father by Closing on Sunday

Our competitors may try to imitate us, but they can’t duplicate us. There is only one true “Original” !!!!

We are the "Best" - focusing on Quality, Not quantity!

“The Original” Everglades City Airboat Tours, Inc. is a small Mom & Pop business. It is owned and operated by Captain Bruce Minton (a 3rd generation Everglades City guide) and his family. His family (Captain Doug House) were the proprietors of the very first Everglades City Airboat Tour company (est. 1982) in Everglades City, Florida. Captain Bruce worked with Captain Doug for over 27 years. After Captain Doug retired in 2007 and watching the local tour companies become more and more ”Commercialized”, Captain Bruce determined it was time to start a new Everglades Airboat Tour that was more “Personalized” like in the early days.

"Unique" in every way

“The Original” Everglades City Airboat Tours is Unique to all other local area tour ride companies. Through our company, your Everglades tour is narrated via “Two Way” headphone communication systems. We are truly “The Original” pioneering company to use this technology in south Florida. This allows passengers to directly communicate with each other and the captain during all times of your everglades airboat tour! Come with us and experience the finest Airboat Tour in the Everglades National Park area. Our Everglades Airboat Tour boats hold a maximum of six passengers for a more personable experience. We are "The Original” airboat company (first est. in 1982). All of our Captains are professional, born and raised in South Florida, and will give you a “True” Everglades Airboat Experience!

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The Tour Experience of a Lifetime

Come and Explore the Everglades with “The Original” Everglades City Airboat Tours and our “Professional, Courteous, and Knowledgeable” guides. They will give you the experience of a lifetime! Our tour guides are all USCG licensed, State of Florida Certified, and insured. They will provide you with everything you need for a memorable Everglades Airboat experience. We offer the ultimate in “Personalized” Airboat Tours!

We are fully Licensed and INSURED.

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We Focus On Quality, Not Quantity!

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Closed on Sunday to Honor the GOOD LORD above.


We are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.